Bonita K. Baker, Attorney at Law
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Firm Overview:

“Bonita K. Baker, Attorney at Law” commands respect in the courtroom. However, in her law office,
clients simply call her “Bonnie” as they enjoy the comforting amenities of her firm:

Custom Solutions

Bonnie has been licensed to
practice law since 1979. Her
passion is to help divorcing clients
obtain the most optimal financial
settlement possible in their
dissolution of marriage. Bonnie’s
focus on family law has provided
her with a depth of experience to
pursue favorable solutions to
complex issues.
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about the firm:

Caring Service

As a divorce survivor herself,
Bonnie understands the stress,
pressure, and upheaval that
accompany critical family
issues. She works collaboratively
with her clients to develop
innovative solutions to their
unique challenges.
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firm’s key practice areas:

Personal Attention

Each client is unique, and
experience wins in the courtroom.
Bonnie never
uses inexperienced junior
associates to handle her casework.
By handling each case herself,
Bonnie ensures high quality,
custom solutions crafted with
attentive detail to each unique
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insights into family law:
Let your problems become Bonnie’s problems.
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Bonita K. Baker, Attorney at Law